Lobby Services

Stonework provides expert Lobby Services for stone floors, counters and more for business and residential lobbies throughout the Tri-State area.

Your lobby is how your building makes its first impression to everyone who walks through your doors. People who enter your building for the first time should be impressed. People who live or work in your building will want to feel properly welcomed every time they walk through the doors. Therefore, the condition of its stonework is vitally important.

Lobbies see a tremendous amount of activity and, as a result, take a tremendous amount of punishment every single day. Foot traffic is the least of it. Lobbies risk scratches from hand-carts, have countless objects and fluids dropped on them and get muddied with all kinds of dirt and slush dragged in from outside. Keeping a lobby in good condition is difficult at the best of times. When it takes a bit more, it’s time to call in Stonework for a full Lobby Services.

Stonework understands the kinds of damage that stone floors, walls and counter can take every day. No matter how your lobby is designed or the kinds of daily use it endures, Stonework has the latest tools and state-of-the-art techniques to get the job done right.

Stonework is dedicated to ensuring that after our Lobby Services in the Tri-State area, the natural stone surfaces in your lobbies have a smoothness and shine reminiscent of when your lobby welcomed its first visitors. We hold ourselves to a high standard: that our work is as strong and reliable as the very stone we work.

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