Stonework is the top rated and best company providing Stone Polishing in the Tri-State area. If you need to revive you countertops, floors, lobby floors, bathrooms and other stone surfaces whether it is marble, granite, limestone, travertine, terrazzo or any other natural or man made stones, we guarantee the best services and the most competitive prices in the market delivering state of the art Stone Polishing in the Tri-State area for residential and commercial clients.

Over time the luster and shine of stone surfaces begin to fade and scratches appear due to wear and tear. Our technicians use the most effective tools and equipment to bring your stone back to life. Before polishing, we mechanically hone your stone surfaces using diamond grits to remove any superficial scratches and etches (water stains) from the stone. Increasing the diamond grits will increase the shine of the stone surface. Through this process we can provide our customers with either a matte finish (honed finish) or a semi-gloss finish (high hone finish). If the customer desires a gloss finish(mirror finish) look we make use of a polishing compound specific for every type of stone. Crystallization process is also use for additional shine creating an unbelievable finish to any stone surface.

At Stonework, we take pride in providing excellency. We effectively deliver to our customers an unforgettable experience from the beginning of a project to its end while making their stones shine again. We also guarantee the best rates and service in the Tri-State area creating a last longing relationship.

We are the most trusted stone polishing company in the Tri-State area. To learn more about how we can help you, Call now for a free estimate at 973.575.0835