Stonework is the best Stone Refinishing company in the Tri-State area. We provide stone refinishing in the Tri-State area for residential and commercial clients.

We have seen many customers that ask us to change the finish of their stone surfaces. For instance, they ask us to make a honed (matte) finish floor look semi-gloss (high-honed) or even polished (high gloss). Other times they ask: “Can you make our polished floors look honed?” the answer is YES! Our technicians use diamond grits and diamanized pads for specific stone surface such as marble, granite and terrazzo to have the best looking results at a short time manner. We also use polishing powders for every type of stone and crystallization techniques to give the stone the shine they deserve.

Customers can choose to have their countertop, floors, bathroom and other stone surfaces:
• Honed finish- Matte finish. Usually with very little shine or no shine at all.
• High Honed- Semi-gloss. Shiny but not as shine as a polished finish.
• Polished- High gloss. The most glossy any stone surface can get. “Mirror finish”

At Stonework, we love to give our customers options. Because variety and creativity is part of excellency.

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