Sal Biondo

Director of Operations and Project Management

Sal joined the Stonework team in 2014. He demonstrates an unparalleled level of dedication and involvement in the operations of Stonework. Sal specializes in Preventive Project Management – applying forethought to diminish potential logistical and production challenges.

Sal takes complex and makes it simple. While Sal diligently seeks solutions to unforeseen problems and is always eager to take on any challenge that comes his way, to him time is the most valuable asset. He fully understands the value of time for both himself and the company as well as the clients we serve. Sal brings with him an unwavering level of integrity and commitment to achieving the highest level of success in everything that is brought to him.

Prior to joining Stonework, Sal gained valuable experience as a project manager for Stone Truss Systems and as a CNC fabrication program manager for ICM. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from William Paterson University