Stone & Tile Restoration & Maintenance Solutions for Property Managers

Our tile and stone restoration experts use many methods to keep every stone and tile surface in the buildings you manage optimally clean, safe, and looking their best.

As a property manager in NYC, your job is challenging, to say the least; we know you’ve got every aspect of your buildings and property to manage, along with a roster of employees and contractors you use to help with each. Improperly handled, any one of those elements can spell big trouble not only for you but for the property owners and tenants.

With that in mind, our focus is solely on taking management of restoration and maintenance of your stone and tile surfaces off your plate. This frees you up to take care of more pressing matters.

What tile and stone restoration techniques do we use?

Our team of experts uses the proper restoration technique for each type, condition, and placement of tile and stone. Depending on the above, we might use one or many of the following to bring life and beauty back to every tile and stone surface in your building(s):

    • Deep cleaning
    • Stain removal
    • Grinding, including lippage removal and leveling
    • Honing
    • Buffing
    • Polishing
    • Crystalizing
    • Sealing
    • Grout cleaning and color-match regrout

Once we expertly restore your stone and tile surfaces, it’s then time to talk maintenance.

What maintenance schedule is best for tile and stone surfaces in commercial and residential spaces?

Daily cleaning and regular maintenance of tile and stone flooring, walls, and counters are a must. This keeps your building looking it’s best and safer for guests and residents.
Regular maintenance allows our project management clients to keep their building’s stone surfaces gleaming, day in and out.

We offer residential and commercial maintenance contracts in the ideal frequency for each property and budget.

So no matter whether you choose a bi-annual, quarterly, or bi-monthly maintenance solution, you’ll receive the most competitive price in NYC and the surrounding area.

How to bring back the luster and shine of tile and stone surfaces

Frequent polishing services
The flooring in commercial spaces such as the lobby and other common areas takes a beating from constant foot traffic and demands routine cleaning and polishing. As well, stone walls and counters in lobbies, bathrooms, and kitchens also need routine polishing to keep their appearance like new.

Mechanical honing
We hone these surfaces mechanically using diamond grit to remove scratches and etches on natural stone. To achieve a mirror-like finish, we increase the grits used. We can also create a semi-gloss or a matte finish to suit the space and client preference.

The lobby and beyond
No matter whether it’s the lobby of a hotel, a bank, or a residential apartment building, it’s your first chance to impress your guests, customers, and residents. Poorly maintained, cracked, and faded floor tiles in these high-traffic spaces just won’t do. What do the tile and stone surfaces in your building’s lobby and throughout your property reflect?

Let our team of experts handle your property’s tile and stone restoration and maintenance. We understand your pain points as a property manager and take a load off by doing what we know how to do best.

Call us direct at (212) 203-5633 or at the office at (973) 575-0835 ext 300.